my name is meenal. i welcome you to this website of my paintings and digital art - digmeart. digmeart stands for digital meenal art & i hope you dig my work!

my paintings and digital art include the genres of abstract art, figurative art, figurative-abstracts, decorative art and child art. my style is a mix of lucid art, naive art and soulful art.Indian colours interplay with 'western' concepts while retaining a strong sense of graphic design. the qualities of wonder, innocence, simplicity and serenity are important to me.

all the art works are available for sale (except those marked sold) and the affordable prices may be obtained from link on each page.


and while we are on the subject of art and paintings, i present my views on art appreciation.

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most of the paintings are acrylics on canvas, only a few are on paper. i work most often in the figurative-abstract genre, and the basic elements of nature appear often in my paintings, though not in a strictly realistic way.

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the digital works are more prolific due to the convenience of the medium and also since i find a natural spontaniety here. they are available in limited edition prints of ten only. i generally use super heavy (170 gsm) wt coated (matt) paper of the A4 size, but one could get the prints in any size (while maintaining the dimensions).

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digital art categories :- abstract art 1, abstract art 2, simple art, figurative abstracts, figurative art - women, decorative art 1, decorative art 2 - geometric, child_art, kitsch & misc, sketches.

painting categories :- on canvas 1, on canvas 2, on canvas board, on paper and board, rasa series - on canvas.

about me :- me as psychologist, me as experimenter of consciousness, me as writer, me as actor, me as HR consultant, me as artist.

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