all the world is a stage

and we are all merely actors.

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My acting career began with the role of a gypsy queen and i opened with a song. it was the annual day of St. Mary's school at Kamani Auditorium, New Delhi.{pic}

while in Ruparel college i acted in various one-act plays under the direction of Prof. C. Coelho.

but the real story started with Chingari, a semi-professional theater group based in south Delhi. i made my debut with the group in a festival of three plays directed by K. Madavane. i played Jocasta (Oedipus' mother and wife) in "Infernal Machine"{pic} by Jean Cocteau,and was part of "Flies"{pic} by Jean-Paul Sartre in hindi and "Hayavadan" by Girish Karnadi in french!

i acted as Elmire in "Tartuffe"{pic} by Moliere. director - K. Madavane; co-actors Rahul Vohra, Atul Kumar and others, performed in hindi.

as Old Woman in "Chairs"{pic} by Ionesco. director - Atul Kumar; co-actor Munish Bhardwaj.

as Mommy in "The American Dream" by Edward Albee. director - Raman Chawla; co-actors K. Chandrasekhar, Uma and Rahul.

as the Woman in "Weekend" a monologue by Nirmal Verma, director - Atul Kumar.

as Madame in "Maids" {pic} by Jean Genet. director - Rajat Kapur; co-actors K. Chandrasekhar and Raman. {invite opp.}

as the Innkeeper and Marquiese de Pompadeur in "Jacques and his Master" by Milan Kundera. director - Rajat Kapur; co-actors Iqlakh Khan, Atul, Sohrab and others.

 meanwhile i also learnt the basics of kathakali and kalleri-payettu in Trivandrum to enhance and fine tone my acting skills.

after moving to Bangalore i became a founder and active member of dance theater group "Apoorva" along with Tripura Kashyap . i danced in and co-choreographed a shadow dance {pic} titled "chayangika"{invite opp.}

and acted in and directed Rukmimi's monologue from "Aranya kiran"{pic} by Vasant Dev.

since shifting to Poona i have acted for the students of F.T.I.I. in various exercises, such as mise-en-scene, dialogue, documentary and diploma films.

played the lead role in "Repentance" {pic} winner of the national award in 1999, directed by Rajiv Raj.

acted in tv-serial 'Saher' telecast on star plus and produced and directed by Anubhav and Ratna Sinha.



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