paintings on canvas 2

as it turns out this page has the larger canvases and most of them were created post 2002 in my home studio. Most of them are part of the modern Mandala series.


mandala of goddesses and mantras (36" x 36") mandala of spirit and signs (36" x 36")

mandala of healing and me (36" x 36")

print sizes

mandala of nature and runes (36" x 36")

print sizes

mandala of body parts and abstraction (36" x 36")


mandala-clock of ordinary things and abstraction (36"X36")


rainbow_eyes (36"X36")
ceres (36"X36")
reaching_rooted (30"X40")
balance (30"X40")
fall (30"X40")
rippled (30"X40")
five_elements (36"X36")
achala (34"X36")
jazz tree (36"X36")
seer (36"X30")

feminine_masculine (30"X40")


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