although i find it rather difficult to classify my art work in disctinct categories or genres, i have tried to do so for the sake of maintaining some organization in the presentation. quite a few of the digital images could fall in several categories, but i have not repeated the art works. hope you enjoy viewing them.





a preview of some of the framed works against slightly different backgrounds.

a laminated work


all digital art works are priced uniformly. for details on pricing and ordering click here


digital art categories :- abstract art 1, abstract art 2, simple art, figurative abstracts, figurative art - women, decorative art 1, decorative art 2 - geometric, child_art, kitsch & misc, sketches.

painting categories :- on canvas 1, on canvas 2, on canvas board, on paper and board, rasa series - on canvas.

about me :- me as psychologist, me as experimenter of consciousness, me as writer, me as actor, me as HR consultant, me as artist.

contact info :- contact me, art links, guest book, site map.


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