the genre that comes most effortlessly to me - figurative abstracts.


figurative-abstract-1   figurative-abstract-2    
heads   pondering heads    
  figurative-abstract-3   figurative-abstract-4  
  festive night   sunmoon  
figurative-abstract-5   figurative-abstract-6    
beautynbeast   onionmen    
  figurative-abstract-7   figurative-abstract-8  
  texture   weave  
figurative-abstract-9   figurative-abstract-10    
wish   witches    
  manwoman   dilemna  
figurative-abstract-13   figurative-abstract-14    
our house   swami    
  figurative-abstract-15   figurative-abstract-16  
  pictree   threefigs  
figurative-abstract-17   figurative-abstract-18
figdance   incubation


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