paintings on canvas 1



i do not like to stick to a given style/form and work only within that. perhaps i am yet to "find myself", perhaps this is who i am, one who likes to eternally experiment.



Sahasrara_chakra (24 x 24")   Agnya_chakra (24 x 24")
  Vishuddha_chakra (24 x 24")  
Anahata_chakra (24 x 24")   Manipura_chakra (24 x 24")
Swadhisthana_chakra (24 x 24")   Muladhara_chakra (24 x 24")
the following two canvases are inspired by picasso and jamini roy respectively.  
blue_bather (20"X24" C)
  mamma(20"X24" C)
  leafsea(29.5"X20" C)
sep11 (24"X18" C)
  athena(20"X30" C)
    mystery (36"x20" C)
  poetree (16"X20" C)

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