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I graduated in psychology major from Bombay University in 1985, followed by a Masters in clinical psychology. During these two years of academic and experiential learning (with Dr. Geeta Rao as my guide), i also attended workshops in various kinds of psychotherapy along with some of my other enterprising classmates (Radhika, Kavita, Nisha, Dileta and Gracey). I was thus introduced to and personally experienced different approaches to therapy including Gestalt, Rogerian client-centered approach (Charles Day), Transactional Analysis (Vincent Periera), Jungian dreamwork, Self-hypnosis (Dayal Mirchandani) and Psychodrama. The motivation in doing these workshops was as much to learn the different skills needed in these approaches as to uncover the layers of one's own personality.

In 1990 I completed a M. Phil. program in the psychology of education from the Jawaharlal Nehru University with a dissertation on an alternative school called 'Mirambika'. But my connection with psychotherapy continued in the form of six months of psychonalysis with the reknowned Sudhir Kakar. So obviously psychoanalysis is not my cup of tea as six mnonths in analysis is perhaps like a 101. During this time i was also deeply involved in theater.

After conducting field-work toward a Ph.D. on "Learning processes in the performing arts of Kerala". which was shelved due to insufficient data. I went on to work as a psychotherapist with the Athma Shakti Vidyalaya of Bangalore. This is a residential treatment center for schizophrenics and modelled as a community based on the Cathexis school (Hank Nunn). Here, I underwent further advanced training in Transactional Analysis (Carlos and Saroj, Tehemtan Dhabar and other senior staff of ASV). ASV also uses a wide variety of approaches and so i learnt and trained in Process work (Kate and Joe), Body-work (Marijke), Jean Huston's evolutionary exercises (Sarasu and Dileta), Problem-solving and Negotiation (George and Marijke). Iwas introduced to the use of fantasy and meditation in therapy (Hank Nunn) and also obtained supervision for therapy as well as personal counselling (Hank Nunn). Along with participating in the daily run of the community and having a couple or so of the clients under my care, i also conducted groups using theater exercises to enhance self- awareness.

I learnt yogasanas first informally (Tripura Kashyap) and then formally (Vivekanand school). I also did a course in yoga-nidra (Bihar school) and realized it forms the base of virtually all relaxation and stress-release practises.

I trained intensely though informally in Switzerland for six months in Transpersonal Psychology, Trance work, Holotropic breathing and Psycholitic Psychotherapy (Samuel Widmer, Daniele Nicolet). I came back to India and set up a private practice along with conducting HRD Workshops. I established the Center of Awareness and was increasingly convinced that meditation and other spiritual and healing practices were an extension and deepening of my psychological practice. I therefore intensified my practise of meditation and learnt other techniques and skills as and when possible. While still in Bangalore i obtained training in the tera-mai school of Reiki (Skye Faris).

I moved to Poona and continued training in Yogasanas and Pranayama (Nene). I have also introduced myself to and acquired skills in Pranic Healing of the Master Choa Kok Sui school (Malhotra) and attended various meditation and healing/therapy programs of the Osho Commune including "Who is in?", "No mind", "Tachyon Verticality", "Centering in Hara" and "Multi-dimensional body-work". I have attended the Vipassana program at Igatpuri a few times and of late have fallen in love with the magic of the mountain "Arunachalam" in Thiruvanamallai, where the ashram of Ramana Maharishi is located.

I attended training workshops in past life regression and in rebirthing. Rebirthing amalgamates psychotherapy with meditation and certain approaches in consciousness studies that I have been experimenting with. Here is a slightly more detailed account of rebirthing.

i am currently doing a MA in counseling psychology at the department of holistic studies at JFKU, in order to meet the licensing requirements to practice in California. I continue to move on my journey of self-awareness and healing. i am offering a set of inner child cards as a device to work with emotional awareness.


There is a story that i have written that illustrates what psychotherapy means to me, perhaps better than a listing of all the training courses\groups and seminars that i have attended. A fictional case study.

i am currently working as a MFT Intern at the JFKU sunnyvale community counsleing center.



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