the bold line drawn out with the breath, centered in the hara a haiku narrates...



abstract-sketch-1   abstract-sketch-2   abstract-sketch-3   abstract-sketch-4   abstract-sketch-5
sketch1   sketch2   sketch3   sketch4   sketch5
abstract-sketch-6   abstract-sketch-7   abstract-sketch-8   abstract-sketch-9   abstract-sketch-10
sketch6   sketch7   sketch8   sketch9   sketch10
abstract-sketch-11   abstract-sketch-12   abstract-sketch-13   abstract-sketch-14   abstract-sketch-15
sketch11   sketch12   sketch13   sketch14   sketch15
abstract-sketch-16   abstract-sketch-17   abstract-sketch-18   abstract-sketch-19   abstract-sketch-20
sketch16   sketch17   sketch18   sketch19   sketch20
    abstract-sketch-21     abstract-sketch-22    
    sketch21     sketch22    

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