Some lyrics (that are not yet songs)


"The one for me"

Are you the one for me
Or is it another closer to my dream
Not a knight in shining armour,
just someone as vulnerable as me.

I do know that
You love me tremendously
But tell me truly
Are you the one for me
Or is he someone else
That I haven’t even met
As yet,
Except in those fantasies when
everything is just as it should be.

Still, sometimes I do wonder
If you are not the one for me
Why I think of you ever so often
And dream of you every once in a while.

Love me do
And make me believe
You are he,
The one for me
And he is none other than you.


You can love me for awhile,
even hold me and pretend that you are he
But when he comes along,
As one day it is bound to be,
I won’t tarry,
I’ll be gone before you even know
I will be waving goodbye,
‘coz you are not, you couldn’t possibly be,
the one for me.

"Here and forever"


You are here
And I know it is forever
Forever and more

Just one look
And I knew
Beyond a trace of doubt
This was it
Beyond a shade of doubt
This is it
Forever and more

Just one touch and I was convinced
Here is forever
And nothing will be the same again

You are here
And just that is enough
To make this here forever now.
Nothing is more real
Nothing is more clear,
Nothing could be easier
Nothing simpler than you
Being here
And here being forever
Forever and more.

"My cosmic mama"

My mama was a simple woman
A simpler and more lovin’ woman
You couldn’t find.

She put me in her soft sweet cosmic cushy lap,
Breast fed me on her warm and liquid embrace
She nurtured me in her bountiful universal presence,
And for a long, long time she and I were one
Unified in unbounded love and abundance.

But there came a day
When I had to be weaned away
And my self began to grow, n’ i became more defined
Even as my essence got left behind.

The more I became me
The more I went away from she
Who was just a simple woman
I am now a strong independent intelligent person
But my mama
My mama was a simple woman
And a simpler and a more earthy woman
You couldn’t find.

My mother, my self said Nancy Friday
But I look in the mirror every single day
And try to feel the love she had for me
The love the joy the glory and the grace
That I know are mine
That I know I am
Someplace within
Deep inside
Where she and I are one
One with everyone and everything
In the cosmic ying
But my mama she was a simple woman
A simpler and more earthy woman
You couldn’t find.


"I am on my own"

I am strong now
That you are gone
I never felt better
Never been stonger
Never felt freer,
Never been wholer
Now that you have gone
And I am on my own
oh Yeah, I am on my own.

Yesterday I thoguht I wouldn’t stop crying
That I was dying,
And nobody would love me anymore.
But I was smilin’ again
When the morning'd come
And I woke
N’ felt so much more alive
Than ever before.
So thank you for leavin’
For ending the lie
Because you know, that I knew
It wasn’t true even before you’d told me so
I’d felt it in my bones
I’d heard it in your groans
I’d sensed it in our moans
Yes I’d known
Oh yeah, I'd known.

We couldn’t have lasted any longer
We shouldn’t even have gotten together
But what has happened is through

And all I want from you
Is the light blue scarf I’d given you
And the tiny little tear you’d shed
As you’d said
That you didn’t love me any more

So thank you for going
And thank you for knowing
How badly I wanted to be alone
To be alone.

And now that you are gone
I am so very strong
Stronger and better and wholer and freer and greater
than ever before
now that I am on my own
I am my own.

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