My hrd workshops are an invitation to self-awareness and they typically use a lot of movement and theater exercises. The manner of processing whatever has happened during the exercises brings out various aspects of individual and group behaviour particularly empathy, communication and team-work. Some of the exercises and their objectives are:

The name gesture body poem: Recognition of self by others and of others by self, an affirmation of all the members of the group, and a feeling of unity and bonding as the body poem gathers flow and momentum.

Walking with awareness and placing positions of persons: Awareness of the larger whole and viewing oneself in relationship and with respect to others.

Balancing the raft: Responsibility for balancing the raft/organisation lies with each of us. "We are all in it together". Also the different ways of balancing - creating different systems, being actively aware of the common goal etc.

Forming different shapes: Evolving a fluid interaction pattern, staying alert and taking initiative whenever required; but also placing trust and being ready to follow when necessary in order to serve the common goal. Also, awareness of different processes that emerge when conditions are altered eg. with a specific reference point, with a specific delineating line etc.

Blind-fold walk: Awareness of one's willingness to trust, to let go of control and to take risks; inversely awareness of one's ability to be trustworthy, to handle responsibility and to lead/partner with confidence and care.

Sharing: An exercise for bonding and forming attachments at its most intense level, but also for registering others as human-beings with similar cares, concerns and feelings and treating them with empathy. In a large organization it gives employees the chance to get to know their fellow colleagues beyond the head-nod or hello howdy stage.

Mirroring: Again an exercise to foster and test empathy, as well as powers of observation. It encourages one to simply reflect the other by transcending one's ego.

Chinese whispers: A simple game that elucidates the importance of attention and clarity in communication.

Trust falls: To foster as well as to test one's level of trust and willingness to rely on others. To be aware of the level of trust in the group, and to experience the joy of letting go of control in a responsible way.

Sculpting: Done in three variations of clay, iron and melting wax, it elucidates the reciprocal nature of easy communication. Iron signifies the offering of tremendous resistance, and melting wax shows no resistance but also no integrity or individuality. Another exercise fostering empathy and co-operation.

Paper-cutting: A simple exercise that emphasizes the necessity of clarity in instructions.

The listening handout: To introduce the concept of listening without judgement, and to stress the importance of listening well.

The assertiveness handout: To introduce the concept of assertiveness, and to become aware of one's level of assertiveness and the areas of strength and of improvement.

Eggs can fly:" Nothing is impossible" . To become aware of the group dynamics, of the different roles played by various people and of the common defensive patterns used when stress builds up.

Positive stroke round: To encourage appreciation of others and its expression, to enhance one's positive self-image and assertiveness.

Some of the programs and the organisations for which i conducted them include:


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